This section shows users that can access created sites in Monetization. It also enables you to create additional users. A user has a specific role(s) that give more or fewer privileges to what can be accessed.

Topics in this document:

To access this section in Monetization, from the Menu, click User management, and click Users. A paginated list of all users is shown in a tabular format.

To generate the users’ information in a spreadsheet, click CSV. To print, click Print, and to copy, click Copy.

Three actions/subpages can be performed/viewed under this section, namely:

Create a user

Under users, to create a user, click Create new. Provide a first name, last name, email address, and password.

Specific roles can be assigned to a user. The role determines what the user can access in Monetization. They are as follows:

User roleFunctionalities
Customer portalSelf-care portal only
Marketing analystDashboard, Analytics
Business process analystDashboard, Catalog [ Event generators ], Business configuration
Pricing analystDashboard, Catalog [ Packages, Products, Discounts ]
Operations staffDashboard, Business operations, SFTP Access
Customer serviceDashboard, Customers
Financial analystDashboard, Analytics, Business configuration [ Finance ], Accounting
System AdministratorDashboard, System configuration, User management [ Users ]
PowerEverything apart from the self-care portal

Use the SFTP toggle switch to enable/disable SFTP access for the user in Monetization. By enabling SFTP, provide a username and password. Then, the user can Log In with the details to the Monetization SFTP location.

To activate/deactivate the user, use the Enabled toggle switch.

Details user page

Under users, to see the full details of a user, click Details. It contains the following information:

  • ID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Roles
  • Sites
  • SFTP username
  • Status

Update user

Under users, to update a user, first, click Details; it shows the details of the user. Then to update, click Update.