Custom Attributes

Custom attributes assign additional data to different entities (customer, billing profile, product) in Monetization.

To access this section in Monetization, from the Menu, select System configuration, and click Custom attributes. A paginated list of all custom attributes is shown in a tabular format.

Four actions/subpages can be performed/viewed under this section, namely:

Create a custom attribute

Under custom attributes, to create a custom attribute, click Create new. Provide a name and code.

A custom attribute can have one out of four data types, which are:

  • Numeric (Number)
  • String (Text)
  • Boolean (True/False)
  • Datetime (Timestamp)

The entity specifies the object to which the custom attribute belongs.

Details custom attribute page

Under custom attributes, to see the full details of a custom attribute, click Details. It contains the following:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Data type
  • Entity
  • Mandatory
  • Included on invoice

Update custom attribute

Under custom attributes, to update a custom attribute, first, click Details; it shows the details of the custom attribute. Then to update, click Update.

Delete custom attribute

Under custom attributes, to delete a custom attribute, click Delete.