Frequently asked questions in Monetization.

Where can I create new Plans?

In Monetization, Plans are created under Catalog Packages Plans

What steps do I take to set up a new monthly Plan?

You need to create a monthly Product with the following configuration: Type: Subscription, Event type: Monthly. Then, create a Bundle with that Product, then create a Plan containing that Bundle.

What is the difference between forward and arrear products?

Forward products are charged immediately, while arrear products apply at billing time.

Can I create one-time charges with Tridens Monetization?

Yes. Tridens Monetization supports both recurring and one-time products, as well as the ability to issue immediate one-time bills.

What are charge tags and resource tags used for?

The charge and resource tags are used in Discount Rule Filters for targeting specific charges with discounts.

What currencies does Tridens Monetization support?

Tridens Monetization can support any currency.

Does Tridens Monetization support multiple currencies on a single site?

Yes, users can use multiple currencies on a single site and specify which currency a customer Billing Profile will use.

How can I automate billing?

Create a Billing Job under Business Operations and assign the schedule based on your requirements. We also recommend creating a chainable Invoicing job and chaining it to the Billing Job.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that facilitates online transactions by securely authorizing and processing credit cards or other electronic payments between a customer and a merchant.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account for a payment gateway allows a business to accept payments through credit cards and other electronic payment methods.

Do I need to set up a merchant account to use Payment Gateway Integrations support in Tridens Monetization?

Yes. For example, you need a Stripe account to use Stripe with Tridens Monetization.

Does Tridens Monetization support payment processing via SEPA Direct Debit?

Yes. With Tridens Monetization, you can export a SEPA DD XML file, then import the result file.

Does Tridens Monetization support custom payment gateway integrations?

Yes. Tridens Monetization has REST APIs in place that allow for a very easy integration with any payment processing solution.

Am I always using the latest version of the product?

Yes. Tridens Monetization is a cloud-based platform, and all of our clients receive new rollouts at once.

How does Tridens Monetization manage release cycles?

We follow a pattern of bi-weekly releases for minor changes and fixes, and we have a quarterly based roadmap for new features.