Event Generators

Event generators generate a usage event based on a pre-defined mapper at billing time, just before the bill is moved into the billing status.

To access this section in Monetization, from the Menu, select Catalog, and click Event generators. A paginated list of all event generators is shown in a tabular format.

An event generator can be linked to a service or billing profile. Essentially, it is used to generate an event just before billing, which can contain fields with values of resource balances.

Event generator example

Suppose a customer is about to be billed; therefore, their billing cycle is about to shift. Using an event generator, Monetization can create some usage events on its own based on the status of the current resources available to each customer.

For instance, suppose a utility company for electricity, and only once per month do we have a balance on the customer. The event generator can be used to take the balance of the counter on the customer and generate a usage event out of it.

Four actions/subpages can be performed/viewed under this section, namely:

  • Create an event generator
  • Details event generator page
  • Update event generator
  • Delete event generator