Business Configuration

Business configuration involves the foundational structures (components) used to identify a business uniquely in Monetization.

It includes configuring low-level rating/billing related components in Monetization. The components include service type, measurement units, intervals (recurring period), resources/currency, and general ledgers for financial bookkeeping.


Finance entails the configuration of financial-related objects for reporting and taxation.


The charging section enables the configuration of resources in Monetization and determines the behavior and limitations of the resource for each payment type.

Service Design

Service design entails all the essential components that can be configured in Monetization to recognize usage events, extract the parameters, determine unit conversion, and ultimately determine the quantity to be rated.


Vouchers are generated code(s) that result in special deals or add-ons given to customers.


Dunning is a scheduled task that periodically checks for unpaid overdue bills and then executes actions such as sending out payment reminders, applying penalty fees, or sending out notifications (JSON requests) to third-party systems.


The template section enables the configuration of documents and mailing templates in Monetization for the invoice, dunning, and financial reports.

Hosted Payment Page

Hosted Payment Page is a secure online platform offered by a payment service provider or third-party processor, facilitating businesses to securely and conveniently accept payments from customers through our checkout process that keeps customer convenience in mind.