The usage section shows valuable insights into the total usage of resources in terms of their quantity/amount from a specific period.

To access this section in Monetization, from the Menu, select Analytics, and click Usage.

The usage analytics section is divided into two subsections:

First subsection

The first subsection shows the total usage of the monetary resources in terms of quantity and amount. The information is based on the current month, a month ago, six months ago, and a year ago.

For example, assume the current month is April, and no customer usage occurred. Last month in March, 140 quantities resulted from the usage of the monetary resource, which also led to 140 euros. Six months ago, in October last year, no customer usage occurred.

Second subsection

The second subsection shows a bar chart representing the customer usage of services/resources in Monetization from a specific period based on a metric and interval. You can filter by resources, services, or/and customer types.