This section shows users that can access any of your created sites in EV Charge. Each user can either be a power user or an operator. Additional users can also be created.

Topics in this document:

To access this section in EV Charge, from the Menu, select User management, and click Users. A paginated list of all users is shown in a tabular format.

To generate the users list in a spreadsheet, click CSV. To print, click Print, and to copy, click Copy.

Three actions/subpages can be performed/viewed under this section, namely:

Create a user

Under users, to create a user, click Create. Provide a first name, last name, email address, and password.

Under the roles, a user can be a power user or/and an operator. A power user (typically yourself) can access all functionalities on the user interface in EV Charge.

However, if the user role of an operator is selected; in that case, it should be linked to an operator. Consequently, the user will only have access to what is related to the operator’s charging area—for instance, the stations and assets linked to the operator’s charging area.

By default, the user will be activated. However, the Enabled toggle switch allows you to activate or deactivate the user. Once the new user is created, they can log in to EV Charge using their details.

Details user page

Under users, to see the full details of a user, click Details. It contains the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Roles (if any)
  • Sites: This represents the sites the user can access.
  • Operator (if any)
  • Status

Update user

Under users, to update a user, first, click Details; it shows the details of the user. Then to update, click Update.

Enable/Disable user

To enable/disable a user, first, click Details; it shows the details of the user. Then, click Update.