Notifications are used to send out a notification (sms, email, push notification) whenever a specific event occurs. For instance, you can subscribe to station disconnects, faults, etc., or drivers can receive a push notification when their electric vehicle reaches a specific battery percentage.

Topics in this document:

To access this section in EV Charge, from the Menu, select System configuration, and click Notifications.


To access this section, click Notifications. A paginated list of all notifications is shown in a tabular format.

Four actions/subpages can be performed/viewed under this section, namely:

Create notification

Under notifications, to create a notification, click Create. Provide a name and code.

Publishers is used to configure what type of notification will be sent: SMS, push notification, URL, Email, and Log. It is also used to configure where the notification will be sent using Receivers.

To create a publisher, under Publishers, click Add publisher. The action and number of retries specify the type of notification that will be sent and how many times to resend in case of a failure—for instance, sending out an email that will resend three times, suppose it fails.

Under each publisher are Receivers. The Receivers refers to where the notification will be sent. It can be a URL or a customer (if it is an email or SMS).

The Scope typifies what will trigger the notification, which can be a change in the charging infrastructure or a change in the charging session.

Once a specific action from the scope occurs, you can add filtering options. To add a filter, under Filters, click Add filter.

Example of a notification

  • Scope: Charging sessions
  • Action: Battery percentage
  • Filter: Battery percentage equals 80% (Reached 80%)

Details notification page

Under notification, to see the full details of a notification, click Details. It contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Action
  • Scope
  • Publishers
  • Filters (if any)

Update notification

Under notification, to update a notification, first, click Details; it shows the details of the notification. Then to update, click Update.

Delete notification

Under notification, to delete a notification, click Delete.


To access this section, click Platforms.

Platforms entail configuring third-party services to enable notifications. It includes Twilio for text messages and Firebase for push notifications.

To enable Firebase for push notifications in EV Charge, see Firebase Configuration.