Reservations show the list of your customers’ past and active connector reservations from the EV Charge - Mobile App.

To access this section in EV Charge, from the Menu, click Reservations. A paginated list of all reservations from a specific period is shown in a tabular format.

To generate the reservations list in a spreadsheet, click CSV. To print, click Print, and to copy, click Copy.

Typically, a charger usually has a single connector. Therefore, reserving a connector also means the charger is automatically reserved. However, some chargers can have multiple connectors.

If a charger has multiple connectors that cannot be used simultaneously, the entire charger will be reserved if a customer reserves a connector from the charger.

In contrast, if a charger has multiple connectors that can be used simultaneously, then if a customer reserves a connector from the charger, the entire charger will not be reserved because a different connector can be reserved and used by another customer.

A connector reserved by a customer in the EV Charge - Mobile App will lock the connector for a short period. This implies that other users will not be able to use the connector; it is shown as a reserved/unavailable connector for the rest of your users.

The primary purpose of a customer reserving a connector is to ensure that even though the customer is not present currently at the charging station location, the connector can remain vacant for some time as they travel to the charging station.