Live Configuration Parameters

Live configuration parameters/variables for OCPP can be read from the charge point or set to the charge point without any database persistence.

Supported standardized variables constitute the following:

General variables

Connector phase rotationConnector’s phase rotation in respect to the connector’s electrical meter
Heartbeat intervalSeconds inactivity interval (no exchanged messages) after which charge point sends heartbeat to central system
Reset retriesNumber of times to retry unsuccessful charge point reset
Web socket ping intervalClient-side ping interval. When 0, it is disabled

Transactional variables

Transaction message attemptsNumber of retries the charge point submits transactional message after failed submit
Transaction event intervalSeconds wait time before resubmitting a transactional message
Stop tx on ev side disconnectIf true, the charge point stops the transaction if cable unplugged from EV
Stop tx on invalid idIf true, charge point will stop an ongoing transaction when it receives a non-accepted authorization status
Ev connection timeoutSeconds interval for which transaction waits in preparing state for a plug-in, before going back to available

Metering variables

Aligned data intervalSeconds clock aligned interval for measuring, starting at 00:00:00. Measures are accumulated per period. 0 disables it
Aligned data measurandsClock-aligned measurands to be included in meterings regarding Aligned data interval
Sampled data intervalSeconds interval for sampling meter data. 0 disables it
Sampled data measurandsSampled measurands to be included in meterings regarding Sampled data interval
Aligned data measurands at transaction endMeasurands to be included in transaction end event for every Aligned data interval of transaction