Web Charging Payment

Web Charging Payment section gives guidelines on how to set up Ad Hoc Web Charging payment.

Topics in this document:


The EV Charging Portal allows your users to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) quickly and easily without the need for registration. It provides a straightforward interface that requires minimal input from the users. Users can simply enter their credit card information and start charging immediately.

To access this section in EV Charge, from the Menu, select Business configuration, and click Ad hoc Charging.

Configuring Ad Hoc Web Charging Payment Page

The Web Charging Payment Page can be created via accessing the Ad hoc charging page URL where your users can initiate charging, enter payment information and start charging. A user can also monitor charging on the Charging Status page.

Configure Redirect URL

When using web charging pages, configure redirect URL where users will be redirected upon successful checkout.

Legal Information specifies the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the subscription and checkout. Provide URL for this information.