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“Chargebee has a bad product and bad customer support. None of the integrations work very well (Salesforce, Sage Intacct, etc) and the customer support to resolve the issues is horrible. The reporting is also sub-par and, in some instances, non-existent on certain metrics like ARR. Forget revenue recognition, which they say they have but is completely inaccurate.” Klyer F.  Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

    Digital Leaders use Tridens to scale hassle-free

    Chargebee over promises and under delivers

    Chargebee-generated reports are known to be inaccurate, and the incompetence of customer support to resolve issues is causing internal setbacks and missed deadlines. Tridens’s reports are insightful and on point. Even for the most complicated use cases, Tridens’ UI is up to date, clear, and simple to use. Tridens Monetization is clear, straightforward, and simple to grasp everything from our pay-as-you-grow price to API documentation. We’ve created a solution with customer experience as a guideline.

    Tridens Monetization

    Fully migrated in a month

    Triden will always prioritize your company’s needs. Triden’s proactive assistance makes it simple to migrate current clients (as difficult and complex as current infrastructure may seem). Triden team provides a seamless onboarding experience for your business. You can get the most out of Tridens – we are offering extensive documentation, training, and videos for all usage and payment scenarios.

    Tridens Monetization billing solution

    We pay attention to the details

    Tridens Monetization is designed for extreme performance, rapid innovation, and expanding and scaling teams. It combines the personal touch of small teams with the process efficiency of larger ones. Tridens Monetization allows you to offer tailored experiences for your clients by supporting numerous languages, currencies, and worldwide taxes. Stay ahead of your growth problems by smoothly expanding across the world.

    Tridens Monetization - Innovative Cloud Billing System
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    What the market has to say

    96%Most likely to recommend
    1.5Avg. months to go live
    10.0G2 Product Direction
    98G2 Overall Score

    Ease of use

    Tridens 94%
    Chargebee 88%

    Ease of Setup

    Tridens 92%
    Chargebee 83%

    Quality of Support

    Tridens 98%
    Chargebee 86%

    Tridens is trusted by thousands of fast-growth subscription businesses around the world.

    Fantastic Custom Product for Billings Administrator in Telecommunications (51-1000 emp.) The ability to customize Tridens to your liking has made it easier to work on a solution that works for our company. The pricing is the most competative I have seen on the market to do date as well, and other companies are charging an arm and a leg! Billing customers who have very custom attributes is what Tridens is helping with the most. Tridens ability to be customized so well allows us to bill even the most complex contracts.

    Rating and Billing Media & Entertainment Services Management Entertainment (51-1000 emp.) We are exploring a new model where we charge and bill media and entertainment services for physical customers. Our catalog consists of base packages with different service access levels, upon which addons can be purchased through our portal. Tridens Monetization's approach to the bundling of products fits perfectly and opens up new marketing options for us with configurable product duration and renewal cycles.
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    Every step of your evaluation is assisted by our in-depth expertise in subscriptions

    Business Intelligence

    Extreme Performance

    Extreme scalability that breaks free from performance bottlenecks. Support any service, industry, and partner-enabled business model.
    Media & Entertainment

    Rapid Innovation

    Faster to market with new products & services or improved existing offerings. Plans that suits your scale and requirements.
    Convergent Charging

    Zero hassle migration

    Tridens has a specialized staff that can assist you with securely migrating all of your subscription data. There are no complications or workarounds.