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“We selected Tridens due to its expertise in software development and deep knowledge of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management.” Ognjen Antonič, BSS Manager at Telemach

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    The modern-day consumer expects a personalized, engaging experience at any time, anywhere, on any device. As a result, digital disruption has transformed the media and entertainment industry. Looking ahead, companies must experiment to find the right mix of digital offerings that capture and retain the consumer’s attention.

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    Bill recurring fees, pay-per-views, and items selling with personalized offers, promotions, discounts, contracts, and terms. Extend business model with Free trials, coupons, vouchers, and gift subscriptions. Tridens Monetization offers Intuitive customer and operations management with Comprehensive billing, revenue collection, and revenue analytics. Improve consumers satisfaction with E-wallets for currency and non-currency resources and Gamification (loyalty points, clicks, levels, etc).

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    Tridens Monetization cloud billing software accelerates time-to-market with integrations that can help you with payments, taxation, customer relationship, and integrated management of main business processes.

    Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and supports REST APIs for seamless integration with any third-party application.

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    Tridens 98%
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    Rating and Billing Media & Entertainment Services Management Entertainment (51-1000 emp.) We are exploring a new model where we charge and bill media and entertainment services for physical customers. Our catalog consists of base packages with different service access levels, upon which addons can be purchased through our portal. Tridens Monetization's approach to the bundling of products fits perfectly and opens up new marketing options for us with configurable product duration and renewal cycles.

    Super recurring billing for education services User in Primary/Secondary Education It is easy to use, they have an intuitive and modern GUI. I like their support team, as well. I have been providing education services for businesses and individuals. It was easy to configure the product offering from one-time fees, recurring fees, promotions to discounts. I am using the payments and automatic dunning process
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    Create predictable revenue streams by delivering an outstanding customer experience.
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    Faster to market with new products & services or improved existing offerings. Plans that suits your scale and requirements.
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    Extreme scalability that breaks free from performance bottlenecks. Support any service, industry, and partner-enabled business model.