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“We selected Tridens Monetization due to its expertise in 5g online charging and deep knowledge of Billing and Revenue Management.” Ognjen Antonič, BSS Manager at Telemach

    Digital leaders unlock innovation with the industry’s go-to BSS platform

    Complete Quote-to-cash Process

    Monetize your 5g network with high throughput, low latency, real-time Convergent Charging, and Revenue Management. We offer a complete Quote-to-cash process in a single solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) such as Telecom companies, Mobile companies, Internet Service Providers, and OTT companies.


    Product Features Designed for Simplicity

    Intuitive customer and operations management with Personalized offers, promotions and discounts. Rate any metric, attribute, and combination of payment options with Online and Offline convergent charging, service, and monetization engine.
    Comprehensive billing, revenue collection, and revenue analytics ready for Diameter, Radius, Camel, and 5G HTTP/2. Tridens Monetization platform supports Voice, Data, SMS, VOIP, ISP, Wifi, IPTV, etc.

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    Scalable and ever-growing Ecosystem

    Tridens Monetization cloud billing software accelerates time-to-market with integrations that can help you with payments, taxation, customer relationship, and integrated management of main business processes.

    Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and supports REST APIs for seamless integration with any third-party application.

    Tridens monetization and Texation, Payment, CRM, ERP Gateway
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    Tridens 94%
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    Tridens 92%
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    Tridens 98%
    Market Average 87%

    Thousands of rapidly expanding businesses in communications industry rely on Tridens.

    A very agile 5G Services Monetization Solution CEO of Enterprise (> 1000 emp.) Tridens Monetization focuses on configuration rather than customization – making it a powerful solution with OOTB features for complex pricing and 5G HTTP2 processing. It takes some time to configure more complex cases, but we still haven’t found a pricing use case that Monetization would not be able to support.

    Fantastic Custom Product for Billings Administrator in Telecommunications (51-1000 emp.) The ability to customize Tridens to your liking has made it easier to work on a solution that works for our company. The pricing is the most competative I have seen on the market to do date as well, and other companies are charging an arm and a leg! Billing customers who have very custom attributes is what Tridens is helping with the most. Tridens ability to be customized so well allows us to bill even the most complex contracts.
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    Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Create predictable revenue streams by delivering an outstanding customer experience.
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    Faster to market with new products & services or improved existing offerings. Plans that suits your scale and requirements.
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    Extreme scalability that breaks free from performance bottlenecks. Support any service, industry, and partner-enabled business model.